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Each year Air France invests over 200 million Euros in training its staff.
The intense competitive pressure, the challenges of customer service quality, the stringent requirements for flight and passenger safety, and the constant changes in organisations and businesses all place training and skills development at the heart of our Human Resources policy.
Training supports the transformations in the company and the employees' individual professional mobility plans, so contributing to their employability and to the development of their expertise.
Training follows the employees throughout their career, as part of job adaptations, professional mobility, development of qualifications and job re-training.



- the Campus", a cross-disciplinary training centre at the company (almost 300 training references on offer in the directory, 35,000 trainees and 200,000 hours of training per year)

- 5 "business line" training schools: the Airport Operations Training Dept., the Sales School, the Cargo School, the Industrial Training School and the In-Flight Service School.

At the cutting edge of innovation, Air France offers ground-breaking training schemes based on new technology. The training is carried out in person and via distance-learning, on-site where the employees are based (online classes, e-learning, etc.). 

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