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Workplace gender equality

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Since 2002, three successive company agreements have supported Air France's commitment to workplace gender equality. The agreement currently in force has set the specific objectives of ensuring equal opportunities and treatment in Human Resources practice and putting forward concrete measures regarding the work/life balance.

By signing the Parenthood Charter in 2008, Air France committed itself to boosting parenthood-related representation in the company, to creating a favourable environment for employees who are parents, in particular for pregnant women, and to complying with the principle of non-discrimination in the professional development of employees who are parents.

Since 2008, within the framework of its contractual policy, the company has undertaken to take action to reduce any wage gaps between men and women. In order to reduce these gaps to the limit of a statistically significant observation, the annual wage agreements provide for a specific measure of wage compensation. 

Finally, in April 2013, Air France signed a framework convention with the Ministry for Women's Rights, thereby making official a certain number of commitments for the work/life balance, for the fight against the glass ceiling to bring more women into the boardroom and for the support of SME subcontractors or suppliers in the drive for professional equality.

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