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The integration of young people into the workplace

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Helping young work-study students secure employent 

The policy of increasing integration of young people hosted under work-study contracts lies at the heart of our commitment to help young people into employment. Contributing to young people's training by integrating them within the company encourages their entry into working life.
In 2014, over 1,560 work-study students were hosted at Air France, from NVQ training programmes to Bac + 5, in a wide variety of professions and sectors of activity.

In a challenging economic environment, the Company is working to support young work-study students into employment at the end of the contract

As such, Air France develops partnerships with different organisations: players in the territory, local missions, associations and business consortia.
It also implements a support system for young people with:

  • Employment forums, where businesses of all sizes come and meet young people to offer them job vacancies. Employment players also offer to guide them in their search for employment by putting them in touch with companies which are recruiting.
  • workshops promoting access to employment, such as assistance in writing a CV, interview preparation, information on how to start a business, etc.
  • for some of them, an "availability" at the end of the work-study contract, within regional companies currently recruiting.

Multiple commitments in support of employment

In 2006, the company signed the Corporate Commitment Charter for Equal Opportunities in National Education.
In 2013, Air France signed the "Businesses and Neighbourhoods Charter” and thereby committed itself to making a practical contribution to promoting access to employment and the creation of businesses within priority neighbourhoods.

For its actions, Air France relies upon on a wide network of partners

  • Association Airemploi - Careers Area
  • Association JEREMY (Young people in search of employment in Roissy and Orly)
  • The AFMAé CFA
  • Pays de Roissy
  • Association I.P.E (Engineers For Schools)
  • The National Network of Businesses for Equal Opportunities in National Education
  • Passeport  avenir (new partnership concluded in 2013)
  • Second Chance Schools
  • 2nd Chance Fondation - Roissy support site, SODESI retraining subsidiary (Society for the Development of Employment in Services and Industry)… 




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