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Work-study Charter

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6th triennial Work-study Charter (2011-2014) 

The 6th work-based training charter reaffirms Air France's commitments regarding work-study training:

  • participate in the training of young people to support their entry into working life, for all qualification levels. 
  • continue the development of the whole range of work-study hosting schemes (apprenticeship contract, contract and professionalisation period, IVB, etc.)
  • make work-study training an accompaniment to the Air France Employment policy, as well as the promotion of diversity and greater gender balance in accessing professions within the airport zones. 
  • step up its efforts for better equal opportunities on entering working life for the disabled and job-seekers of all ages.
  • create a pool of expertise with a view to recruitment under permanent contracts, when the Company is able to conduct external recruitments. 
  • make the Company play a hosting, training and qualifying role, and one of assisting young people into lasting employment in the territories in which Air France is established.



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