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Aviation Maintenance

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Air France Industries

Air France Industries groups together the service and maintenance activities for planes from the Air France Group and from 150 customer companies worldwide. It offers multi-product maintenance (Aircraft, Engine and Equipment Maintenance) mainly for Airbus and Boeing fleets, but also for regional fleets (Embraer, ATR, …), representing a total of over 1,300 planes which are looked after.

When it was founded in 1933, Air France decided to maintain its aircraft itself, and the AFI KLM E&M trademark is today ranked second worldwide among the multi-product maintenance players, thanks to its expertise AFI KLM E&M ranked second in the world among multi-product maintenance players.

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Activities and professions

Aviation Maintenance includes all the professions whose purpose is to guarantee the fleet's airworthiness and ensure flight safety. These professions are conducted on 5 major industrial sites (Roissy, Orly, Le Bourget, Villeneuve le Roi and Toulouse) and their mission is:

  • Aircraft maintenance and engineering: an activity conducted 24/7 by over 4,000 employees based at Orly and Roissy (mainly engineers and mechanics), to provide preventive and curative aircraft maintenance.
  • Equipment overhaul and related logistics: over 1,700 employees contribute to this activity, on 70,000 m2 of facilities spread over the sites of Villeneuve-le-Roi, Orly and Roissy. There are many fields of expertise (avionics, hydraulics and pneumatics, wheels and tyres, cabin and mechanical repairs) and they are applied to different types of plane: AIRBUS, BOEING, EMBRAER JET, CRJ and ATR.
  • Engine overhaul: maintenance of Very Big Engines – VBE, such as the GE90 and GP7200 fitted respectively onto the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A380, as well as smaller engines such as the CFM and CF6. Over 1,000 employees contribute to this activity, mainly at Orly and Roissy.
  • Plane Modification Projects: commercial modifications and fitting-out of aircraft cabins (navigation, telephony, installation of military equipment, integration of sophisticated electronic systems, etc.). This activity involves almost 120 people based at Roissy.
  • Quality, Security and Sustainable Development: support for all the Air France Industries entities, with the aim of risk control and constant progress.

The know-how, attention to detail and expertise of our employees is expressed across a wide variety of professions, accessible to both women and men, including:
Aviation Mechanic and Technician, Industrial and Ground Systems Mechanic and Technician, Advanced Aviation Technician, Advanced Production Aviation Technician, Training Supervisor (AMDE), Aviation Engineer and Manager, etc. 

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