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Air France Industries and Air France Cargo

Logistics and Flow Management includes a whole range of professions necessary for the organisation and control of the physical and document-based flows of goods and merchandise, with the aim of supply or distribution. These professions are mainly to be found in Air France Industries and Air France Cargo.

Air France Industries  groups together the service and maintenance activities for planes from the Air France Group and from 150 customer companies worldwide. It offers multi-product maintenance (Aircraft, Engine and Equipment Maintenance) mainly for Airbus and Boeing fleets, but also for regional fleets (Embraer, ATR, …), representing a total of over 1,300 supported planes.
When it was founded in 1933, Air France decided to maintain its aircraft itself, and the AFI KLM E&M trademark is today ranked second worldwide among the multi-product maintenance players, thanks to its expertise. 
Air France a fait le choix, dès sa création en 1933, d’assurer elle-même l’entretien de ses avions, et son savoir-faire place aujourd’hui la marque commerciale AFI KLM E&M au deuxième rang mondial des acteurs de maintenance multi-produits.

Air France – KLM Cargo transports over 1.4 million tons of freight to 243 destinations, using 15 all-cargo planes and the holds of passenger planes (mainly). It is also the largest global partnership of air cargo carriers, covering the main strategic commercial routes.
When faced with the crisis which hit the air cargo transportation sector hard, Air France reacted swiftly with a fundamental restructuring of its cargo business.
Today, Air France – KLM Cargo is the leading global non-integrator cargo operator.


Activities and professions

Logistics and flow management

Logistics and flow management is mainly conducted at Air France Industries and Air France Cargo. 

It includes a whole range of activities linked to the physical movement of materials and products, for industrial maintenance. It operates in the fields of supplying, handling, documentary processing, storage warehousing, packaging, stock management, order management and transportation.

At Air France Cargo, these activities are carried out from the moment the merchandise has been taken in charge (documentary and physical acceptance) until it is loaded on board planes or lorries, or the opposite from unloading to delivery.

Some of the professions involved are: Packer, Logistics Operator, Manager and Documentary Technician, Coordinator, …

Production logistics

Production Logistics includes a whole range of activities linked to the physical movement of aeronautical equipment, materials and products within Air France Industries. It contributes to the optimisation of the organisation, the preparation and the coordination necessary to the industrial production business.

Close to the ground and work of the mechanics and aviation technicians, production logistics operates in the supplying, planning and preparation for aircraft inspections, the maintenance of the engines and on-board equipment, the processing of documents and the scheduling of the activities linked to equipment flow.

Some of the professions performed in strict compliance with standardised and regulated procedures are: Logistics Officer, Logistics Technician and Advanced Technician, etc.

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