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Serving the company's strategy

The Communications Service serves the company's strategy. Through its communication plan, it aims to put together, promote and convey the company's messages to its employees, customers, shareholders, the media and the general public.

What are the new commercial offers?  Which message should be showcased in the next publicity campaign? What is the company's strategy? How can round-the-clock information about Air France be given? All questions for which "Communications" should have the answer.

Activities and professions

Air France communications professionals form a vast network working within the Communications Division or within operational divisions (Commercial, Maintenance, Cargo, etc.)

There are many areas of activity :

  • Press Relations
  • Advertising
  • Brand management
  • Creation of audio-visual content (reports, photos)
  • Writing of articles, speeches, etc.
  • Public Relations
  • Partnership development and event organisation
  • Social media

The professions practised form an extensive and hugely diverse fabric, from communication reaching out to a wide public (internal communication, customer communication) to a more specialised communication (financial communication, technical communication, etc). Some of the professions involved are: Community Manager, Press Attaché, Copywriter, Webmaster, Computer Graphics Specialist, Photographer, Advertising Manager, etc.