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Information Systems

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The Information Systems Division is involved in all the major change projects and lies at the heart of business line activity, effectively contributing to the company's operational and financial performance.

It ensures the development, production and deployment of the company's IT tools, by placing itself at the cutting edge of new technology. It responds to the requirements of the company's various divisions in the choice of technical or application solutions to be implemented, the integration or the development of applications and their maintenance, the operating of the systems, the management of the network, the equipping of the terminals, assistance, urban development and planning, etc.

It contributes to optimised customer relationships and to the constant improvement of the company's productivity.

Activities and professions

Information Systems jobs are performed in 5 major areas of activity :

  • Definition and implementation of the IT strategy: to fulfil a basic role of monitoring and steering projects, managing the company divisions' investment plans, structuring the project management assistance network and defining the IT practices, standards and recommendations.
  • Development of application solutions: to implement the software applications of tomorrow and to maintain them in operational condition. Agility, innovation and the digital transformation of the company are at the heart of this activity.
  • Distributed services: to provide the users of Air France IT and its subsidiaries or customers with access to business-specific applications, office automation, the Intranet and the Internet, etc.
  • IT Production: to design the infrastructure of the IT systems and optimise its performance.
  • Project Management Assistance: to be the key link between Air France IT and its internal customers. At the same time, play a major role in the development of innovative solutions and in the Company's transformation.

Within Information Systems, there is a wide variety of professions where passion and creativity mix with the requirements of a continually evolving technological world.

Solutions Architects, Technical Architects, Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Engineering Project Managers, Methods Engineers, Operational Research Engineers, Database Administrators, Analysts, Operating Technicians, Production Engineers, Systems Administrators and Project Management Assistants all work daily to guarantee access to efficient computer applications and to design the information systems of tomorrow.

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