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Human Resources

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A partner for change

Human Resources staff fulfils a support role by assisting internal customers—namely, employees and their managers. A pillar of the company's Human Resources policy and responsible for disseminating it throughout all the sectors, it assists:

  • the managers with fulfilling their assignments (work organisation, recruitment, work conditions, general conduct at work, supervision, evaluation, wages policy),
  • the employees throughout their professional career, at key moments such as recruitment, mobility, skills development and training, as well as in their administrative procedures.

It plays a part in the performance of organisations and in reaching the company's objectives, in compliance with the regulations guaranteeing the fairness and the values of its social contract. It is the social partners' preferred contact organisation.

In a tough economic context and a highly competitive air environment, the Human Resources service must be more than ever the partner for change, to support the development of organisations alongside managers and employees.

Activities and professions

There is a Human Resources service in each of the Air France business line divisions. It is involved in several areas of activity:

  • Human Resources management
  • Pay
  • Training
  • Medical and Social

Over 500 executives and 900 officers and technicians work hard on a daily basis in professions such as: Human Resources Assistant and Manager, Human Resources Officer, Job Training Manager, Pay Administrator, Social Worker, Labour Relations Manager, Social Management Controller, etc.

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