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Work placements

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Because they are an important step in an educational programme and allow you, as a student, to discover what it is like to work for a company, Air France provides a wide range of work placements for you every year :

  • "company discovery" work placements for a period of less than 2 months (secondary school and A-Level students)
  • 2 - 6 month work placements (young business school, engineering or university students)
  • long-term work placements (over 6 months) and in gap years

These work placements should be defined under an agreement drawn up between Air France, you and your education establishment. Undertaking a work placement with Air France gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and refine your career plans. Find out about our different professions : Aircraft maintenance, Customer service, Ground and flight operations, IT, Marketing, Economy and Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Quality, … Our staff will share their know-how and expertise with you.

We are particularly interested in the wealth of your experience and your willingness to work hard for the company. A work placement is your opportunity to showcase your flair for teamwork, make the most of your knowledge and demonstrate your ability to adapt. This is your chance to get involved in assignments with daily challenges and many responsibilities.

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