Who are we ?

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The Foundation was set up in November 1992 by the Air France Group.

At that time, the Board of Directors consulted the personnel to determine the course they wanted to set for the future Corporate Foundation.

The majority of the staff chose the theme of children in difficulty.

Today, the Foundation is financed by Air France and by Servair, one of its subsidiaries.

Since August 2003, it has also been possible for the Company´s staff to contribute financially to the work of the Foundation under a French law of 1 August 2003, bearing on philanthropy, charitable organizations and Foundations.

Sick or disabled children

All children have a right to an environment favourable to their development, whether that means going to school, participating in a new cultural activity or… quite simply, just having fun. In a word, all children have a right to the resources which can open them up to life. For children who are ill or disabled, every day is a battle. Because illness and disability have repercussions on their day-to-day lives, initiating them to educational, cultural and leisure activities enables us to help them along the path to a fulfilling life. The Foundation has chosen to support projects that open the doors to educational and leisure activities. The projects we support help to give them the possibility of going to school, embarking on training, interacting with other children of their own age without letting illness or disability become an obstacle. The associations we support are professional, highly motivated and committed; like us, they have a single objective: to help children overcome illness and disability and live normal lives, making every day the promise of a better tomorrow.

Disadvantaged young people

Children and young people who live on the street, alone or without family; those who live in underprivileged environments like slums and impoverished neighborhoods; but also children whose parents are themselves in distress… all have a greater need than others for a helping hand. For these children, homelessness, isolation or precarious economic conditions can be the first step toward begging, prostitution and even violence at the hands of adults. In these environments where a child is easily left behind, activities which bring them out of their isolation represent hope for the future. To make that hope a reality, the Air France Foundation supports projects which provide a framework and an encouragement for activities which help them to shape their lives. Here again, education, leisure and cultural activities are priorities. All the projects we contribute to attempt to give them the space to grow and the attention they need on a daily basis. We are therefore committed to giving these children and adolescents in distress what their environment has deprived them of: the right to be kids.