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Air France confirms that flight AF007 from New York-JFK to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on 22 February 2015 on board an A380 experienced a series of operational incidents.

Due to the extremely poor weather conditions on the east coast of the United States, the flight had to take off more than six hours late.

In order to comply with current European legislation on maximum working times for flight crew, the crew had to land at Manchester.

The plane then had to remain at Manchester following a cabin pressure problem.

The passengers remained on board while waiting to be able to disembark into a terminal to accommodate them.

Air France immediately took the decision to send three aircraft to Manchester this evening in order to bring all passengers to their final destination, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, this evening.

Air France fully understands that its customers are frustrated at this situation.

Throughout these incidents, Air France has done everything it could to limit the inconvenience while ensuring that passengers and crew remain safe.

Air France will very soon be contacting passengers to offer them compensation. This will be addressed as a matter of priority.