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Air France and the transport of laboratory animals

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The transport of live animals is an activity assigned to Air France Cargo. With its wide experience in this field, the company holds an authorization to transport animals issued by the Ministry of Agriculture (n°93/ 210) certifying that Air France complies with current regulations. Meanwhile the company has established strict standards in terms of comfort and well-being to ensure animals optimal conditions of transport. Primates travel to private research laboratories as well as public research laboratories . This highly supervised activity is paramount in the development of research and medicine in France and Europe. To ensure strict compliance with the regulations on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (EU Directive 2010/63/EU), random checks on breeding conditions and use are conducted by Air France Cargo.

Worldwide, the use of primates for research is crucial in many medical areas:
- Research in diseases of the central nervous system,
- Research in autonomic diseases (Parkinson, Alzheimer)
- Research in psychological diseases (depression, addiction to alcohol)
- Research in infectious diseases (HIV, malaria, hepatitis C)

As such, Air France management has received numerous letters of support from various public or private research institutes.