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Air France Ebola plan

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At this stage, Air France is maintaining its flight schedule to and from Guinea (Conakry) and Sierra Leone (Freetown). 
Air France's priority is to ensure the health and safety of its customers, crews and ground staff.
The health and hygiene measures which have been defined and implemented by the authorities at each airport ensure that no passengers presenting the symptoms of Ebola hemorrhagic fever may embark on a flight.

The health authorities and Air France are continuing to monitor the situation in real time in the region where there is constant epidemiological surveillance."

Constant epidemiological monitoring is being implemented by various health authorities. The airport authorities, Air France, the local French Embassies, the WHO, NGOs on site and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Crisis Centre are continuing to monitor the situation in real time.

Air France has put a specific Ebola plan into action in Conakry, Freetown, and Lagos.
All crews flying to Conakry and Freetown have been issued with strict instructions on how to deal with a suspicious passenger on board.
Recommendations from Air France's Health and Safety department are shared with the crew at the pre-flight briefing.
Protection kits can be found on flights to Conakry and Freetown
Air France crews have accommodation in Conakry
A medical team has been dispatched to evaluate these procedures.

Local authorities have also put plan into action for screening passengers and staff
Passengers leaving Conakry and Freetown must fill in a questionnaire when entering the airport lounge. They then have their temperature taken within the airport itself. This questionnaire must be stamped by the authorities. In order to make sure that passengers follow these steps, they are only given their boarding card if no medical symptoms are present.
Equivalent measures are in place in Lagos.

Air France respects the measures requested by health authorities and is implementing them on all flights.
Whatever the destination, flight crews have procedures to follow in case of an infectious passenger on board (for the suspect passenger: isolation, wearing a mask, separate toilets; for flight crew: wearing gloves, disinfectant gel, storing all waste in specific containers, collecting details of passengers in contact with the suspected infected passenger).
Equipment for this purpose can be found in the cabin across the entire AF fleet.
Parisian emergency services (SAMU) can be contacted by the crew at all times in case of suspicious a suspicious passenger to implement specific measures upon touchdown in France.
Air France does not fly to Liberia and is continuing to operate its flight schedule to Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt).