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Air France Industries activity development in China

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Air France confirms that it is studying a project to develop maintenance activities for aeronautical equipment in China. This project was presented to the unions at an Air France Central Works Council meeting on 30/08/12 and to the AFI Works Council on 31/08/12.

A large majority of unions ruled on 30/08/12 in favour of this project.

As announced in the Transform 2015 plan, Air France Industries intends to expand its promising activities of equipment and engine maintenance, where AFI is already a world leader. These activities are carried out in a highly competitive global market, which will experience growth of 3% per year over the next 10 years, especially in Asia.

Air France Industries’ development projects in China are designed to capture strong demand from Chinese airlines.

It is by no means a transfer of activity currently carried out in France.
If we do not capture the Asian market, other airlines will take our place.

In this way, AFI intends to seize an opportunity for growth in China. Given the logistics of handling mechanical and electronic repairs, obtaining these contracts can only be done if we are as close to the market as possible.

This development project in China will boost our airline’s global activity and will enable it to attract new customers including some of whose new orders will ultimately fuel our activities based in France.

At the same time, Air France Industries will continue to invest in new industrial equipment in France, for example, with a new engine test bench at Roissy and a new maintenance workshop of composite parts in the Paris region. These projects follow on from the Group's industrial investments since 2003 in Villeneuve le Roi, Orly, Toulouse La Croix du Sud and Paris-Charles de Gaulle representing several hundred million euros.