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Air France precision on the "Chirac tax" moratorium request

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Created in 2006 within the framework of the UN and at the initiative of President Chirac, the solidarity tax on airline tickets is levied in favour of UNITAID.

Although Air France has never contested the humanitarian grounds, the Company has, along with the National Federation for Commercial Aviation (FNAM), repeatedly alerted the governement about the negative economic and social impact of this mandatory tax on our business activity.

The working group report "French air transport competitiveness", chaired by deputy Bruno Le Roux, underlines the impact of this "global" tax, borne almost exclusively by the French air transport industry and of which Air France alone collects one third of the amount.

A press article, published in the 2015 May edition of "Capital" magazine reveals that half the amount collected by UNITAID is not spent. This body currently has a financial reserve of 706 million dollars and has the means to pursue its humanitarian action, at the same pace as it is doing today and over the next 5 years, without an additional collection of funds.

In these conditions Air France is asking for a moratorium on the airline solidarity tax levy in France. This represents each year an additional cost of 90 million euros, which directly affects French airlines' competitiveness vis-à-vis foreign transporters.