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Change your reservation or check in on mobile Internet

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Friday 24 September 2010

Air France and KLM are launching their new mobile websites and their respective applications on iPhone available free of charge on App Store and BlackBerry (available via BlackBerry App World).

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Modifier sa réservation ou s'enregistrer sur Internet mobile

On and, customers can already:

  • change their reservation themselves (a world first) and choose a new flight if their ticket is modifiable at no extra charge,
  • check in with any other passenger travelling with them*,
  • choose their seat on the cabin plan,
  • reserve a "Seat Plus" for more legroom (on Air France's mobile website), purchase an upgrade to Business class or a seat in the Economy Comfort cabin (on KLM's mobile website),
  • purchase an additional baggage allowance with a discount,
  • receive their boarding pass via SMS, MMS or e-mail on their mobile phone which they show at boarding** or print it at the airport
  • if necessary, cancel their check-in or modify it at any time before the latest check-in time,
  • consult flight information in real time from their mobile phone and check their departure terminal or the exact arrival time of a flight,
  • access flight schedules for the year to come,
  • access Air France, KLM and Flying Blue contact information worldwide.
    Customers can also access all information about their trip by entering their ticket and reservation number, or Flying Blue membership number.

Before the end of the year, customers will be able to book tickets, make changes to reservations for all modifiable tickets and obtain information via interactive FAQs.

Since May 2010, Air France customers have been able to access all Air France information updated in real time on mobile Internet (mobile.corporate.airfrance).

* offers French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. for mobile offers Dutch, English and German, while French, Spanish and Italian will soon be added.
**French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (for Air France) and Dutch (for KLM)

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