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Campaigning against infectious and tropical diseases in Mali

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

A major air transport player in Africa, Air France recently supported a project in Mali set up by the International Vaccinations Centre to increase awareness among women and children about basic hygiene practices, such as the importance of washing their hands with soap, preventing malaria, having access to drinking water and also vaccinations.

In cooperation with the local authorities in the village of Tabou, in the region of Koulikoro in Mali, two nurses from the International Vaccinations Centre as well as the local health authorities have vaccinated some 800 men and women aged over 29 against A+C meningococcal meningitis. The vaccinations were administered after consultation and identification of the village populations’ needs by the competent authorities, with patients in the lower age groups being vaccinated by the State of Mali. A vaccinations booklet was then distributed to all participants to ensure optimum follow-up.

Sensibiliser et prévenir les maladies infectieuses et tropicales au Mali

The project also made it possible to donate first aid equipment to the village infirmary, water purification tablets and books to the village school.

A follow-up committee comprising local authorities and the International Vaccinations Centre team will carry out an assessment to determine potential reactions to the vaccines in a month’s time.

This project also received the support of Sanofi and Servair.

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