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Air France and Lenôtre team up for French Epiphany to celebrate the Company’s 80th anniversary

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Monday 6 January 2014

Around the world with two ambassadors of French art de vivre...

Air France and Lenôtre team up for French Epiphany to celebrate the Company’s 80th anniversary

"Paris-Jakarta-Lima": a gourmet expedition awaits you

Take-off is imminent with Guy Krenzer, Creative Director at Maison Lenôtre and his team of chefs…First stop is Jakarta with a caramelized pastry enclosing a Baba cake drenched in Grand Marnier and orange syrup with Cubeb pepper. Next stop Indonesia with an orange compote served with macerated orange slices. This gourmet expedition is not complete without a taste of Lima in a creamy Alto el sol Peruvian dark chocolate ganache sauce.

These creative culinary experts have traced the circular design of a jet engine on the galette des rois in a quirky take on air travel.

This delicacy will surely delight all lovers of gourmet delicacies and also well-informed collectors! Concealed in the Lenôtre galettes, 6 limited edition charms retrace the airline’s history through its legendary models, from the Caravelle to the A380, and other emblems such as its famous advertising posters or the winged seahorse, Air France’s historic logo.

The charm collection is also available as a collector’s edition, exclusively featuring the special Air France’s 80th anniversary charm.

Air France Galette for 8/10 people – Price: €59
Limited edition collector’s set of 7 charms – Price: €39

Available at all Lenôtre outlets in Paris and the Côte d’Azur, on the website or by calling 0811 656 656 (price of a local call).

Air France, 80 years of passion for fine cuisine

Since its creation, Air France, a genuine ambassador of French art de vivre around the world, has placed fine cuisine at the heart of the travel experience. Throughout the years and eras, Air France has been constantly innovating, seeking always to offer the highest standards in in-flight dining.

other epiphany delights…

Almond galette

The renowned Lenôtre galette made from Poitou-Charentes butter and Spanish almonds.

Price: €36 for 6 people (with Air France charm) – Also available as an individual galette, or for 2, 4, 8 or 10 people.

Brioche bordelaise

This distant cousin of the galette des rois is a soft golden cake filled with candied fruits (pineapple, citron, orange and lemon) and sprinkled with brown pearl sugar.

Price: €29 for 4/5 people (with the Air France charm) – Also available as an individual brioche.

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