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Air France, France is in the air

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

A new signature and a new campaign to carry Air France’s ambitions.

Air France, France is in the air

On 2 April, Air France will be unveiling its new advertising campaign called « Air France, France is in the air » in the printed press, with coverage in 12 countries (France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, USA, Italy, Japan, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland) as well as on the internet, social media and on the radio.

Created by the agency BETC, the new campaign consists of 6 visuals illustrating the services offered by Air France: the comfort of the A380, the new La Première cabin, the new Business cabin, gastronomy, the network and SkyPriority (priority channels at more than 1,000 airports). It is supplemented by 12 visuals depicting iconic destinations served by Air France (Paris, New York, Brazil, China, Japan, Africa, Italy, etc.).

« Air France, France is in the air » is daring to be different to carry the ambitions of the Trans-form 2015 plan. The visuals, created by the Argentine photographers Sofia & Mauro, create an effect of surprise by mixing heritage and modernity, while echoing Air France’s past as a renowned poster specialist. Pleasure, youth and vitality emerge from images of the Moulin Rouge, the French Revolution, the Sun King, master chefs and haute couture.

The airline’s eminently French character and the notion of the pleasure of traveling with Air France are illustrated in a fun, lively and exciting message, in line with the French lifestyle. The bright and offbeat tone creates a form of affinity and proximity with the public.

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A new signature

Fifteen years after «Making the sky the best place on earth», Air France is adopting a new signature «Air France, France is in the air». In English, it illustrates France’s openness and internationality and highlights the positive universal values associated with France: the art of living, a French spirit, luxury brands and Michelin-starred chefs who are popular in France and abroad. This new signature reinforces Air France’s customer promise to enjoy a little piece of France while traveling with the airline.

Tested on customers on key markets

To create this new campaign, Air France took the time to listen and interact with its custo-mers and teams on its various markets. The new campaign was then tested by independent consultants in France, Italy, the United States, Brazil, China and Côte d’Ivoire, on customers who have travelled with Air France and other carriers, for business or leisure reasons. Finally, qualitative studies helped to refine the process.

The customer at the heart of the digital strategy

The campaign includes the entire Air France digital strategy and will be seen on its websites and social media by putting the customer at the heart of its strategy. Since March 17, the new signature has been posted on Instagram under #franceisintheair. Games and competitions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will exclusively unveil the campaign’s visual to fans and followers as from March 28. This will be accompanied by the ‘customer service’ teams who are present 24/7 on social media.

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