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The Upgraded Business Class Seat

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Wednesday 22 September 2010

In terms of upgrading and improving the comfort of its Business seat, Air France based its research on ergonomics specialists' recommendations and consultations with customers. On the basis of this research, at the end of 2010, Air France will gradually equip the Business class cabins on board its long-haul aircraft with a more comfortable seat. Over the next three years, close to 40 aircraft (Airbus A330, Boeing 777, Airbus A380) will be fitted out with these new seats.

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The Business seat will feature:

a new seat structure comprising a lie-flat bed measuring over 2m in length

  • Built into a fixed shell preserving the passenger's privacy, this seat offers improved sleeping comfort thanks to an integrated fixed footrest which offers the passenger a more stable sleeping position when adjusted into the bed position. The seat offers new relaxation positions, with legs extended, including during the taxiing, take-off and landing phases. The leather headrest, which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally with movable wings, is even softer than before.  
  • Redesigned workspace: a tray, that has been raised up to offer more knee room, can easily accommodate a laptop or book, magazine or notepad; there is also a wider and more practical cocktail tray on the side. 
  • The seat is equipped with:
    - an electric 110 volt socket, compatible with six or seven different plugs, including European and American models, to safely connect a laptop or any other electrical device,
    - a directional reading light  for reading and working without bothering or being bothered by fellow passengers, 
    - a noise-reducing headset.
  • The removable armrest makes for easier access to the seat and facilitates access for reduced mobility passengers.

Simpler and more practical controls

In just a few seconds, the seat can be adjusted into a near-horizontal bed, over 2 metres in length, making it one of the longest beds on the market, and 61 cm wide. There are now just two buttons to find the suitable position.

New storage space

In addition to the seatback and overhead compartment storage space (for shoes, amenities kit, water bottle, etc.), new storage areas underneath the footrest and seat cushion are practical for stowing a satchel, laptop or handbag.

A new screen in 16:9 format

The seat features a new 15 inch video screen, in 16:9 format, featuring the latest-generation in-flight entertainment system offering over 500 hours of programming.

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