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Stay connected on board!
Air France and KLM to launch in-flight connectivity in 2013

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Monday 11 June 2012

Browsing the web or watching a live broadcast during your flight will become a reality on board Air France and KLM flights. In partnership with Panasonic Avionics, the two airlines are launching a joint in-flight connectivity programme on board their long-haul flights, with trials early 2013.

Stay connected on board!  Air France and KLM to launch in-flight connectivity in 2013

This will enable customers to stay connected with the world through text messages or emails as well as internet connection and ultimately through live broadcasts of TV programmes. Thanks to this new technology, Air France and KLM will offer passengers access to a broad scope of data communications during the flight. On the specially designed in-flight website, a broad range of services will be offered for free, like latest news, TV channels relevant airline and destination information and a unique offer of online magazines. 

The trial phase will be conducted over the year 2013 on two Boeing 777-300s, operated by each airline. During this period, travellers will be able to hook up to the internet via their Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet PC at a fixed rate, as well as use their mobile phone for sms or e-mail, whatever their travel class. We will ask our customers to provide feedback, along with their expectations and suggestions on improving these new services to be used as input for further future deployment. 

Read the complete press release: "Stay connected on board!  Air France and KLM to launch in-flight connectivity in 2013"

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