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Replacement of pilot computer aids

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From summer 2012, a new iPad-based aid, dubbed Pilot Pad, will replace the laptop computers currently used by pilots. The laptops are first-generation equipment dating from 2007, and will be obsolete in 2012.

The Pilot Pad will be used as a support accompanying the gradual roll-out of the new regulatory documentation* for pilots in digital format. 

The Pilot Pad will be used only on the ground and will allow pilots to consult their regulatory and personal documentation and facilitate communication tasks with the Company as regards flight and administrative reports. The iPad’s ergonomy is particularly well-suited to the range of working environments experienced by a population that is constantly on the move.

As part of moves to achieve convergence between Air France documentation and that of the Airbus and Boeing aircraft manufacturers, and the switch to digital format that is fast becoming the new airline industry standard, the iPad will simplify access to information and updating processes.

In parallel, Air France is also working on digitizing the paper documentation carried aboard thanks to another tailor-made aid, the Electronic Flight Bag, which will ultimately deliver weight savings of around 12kg, leading to lower fuel burn and hence lower CO2 emissions.