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Air France
January 29, 2014

We are sorry that Mrs Oakes had issues with her return from Antarctica.

We understand she was travelling with another airline from Antarctica which was delayed due to weather.

Mrs Oakes therefore missed her original AirFrance flight from Santiago and rebooked two business class flights for herself and her mother.

According to the fare rules of her original ticket, and as she booked the new tickets on a very full flight, she was applied a change fee and a fare difference.

We became aware of the situation after she contacted us in December. We then offered to waive the penalty fees applied to change the booking as well as a donation of £1,000 towards her charity - donation that Mrs Oakes has declined until now.

We are deeply sympathetic to the problems encountered by Mrs Oakes, but we did accept two bookings in business class in good faith. We responded in similar good faith after we heard about her particular case with a donation to her charity, but it is normal practice for the cost of any delays to be covered by a insurance travel policy.

We hope Mrs Oakes will accept our donation and continue to wish her well.