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Update on security measures

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Following the attacks in the region of Paris on Friday 13 November, the French authorities, who are responsible for identity checks, have decided to:

- reinforce checks on Schengen passengers
- increase screening in airport terminals, in exclusion areas around aircraft, and of baggage. Several hundred soldiers and police have been deployed at airports.

All passengers on international flights to/from countries outside of the Schengen area will be subject to identity checks.

For flights to/from countries within the Schengen area, the authorities are carrying out checks on certain flights, targeted based on analysis by the authorities.

In addition, Air France is ensuring that all passengers on its flights are subject to the following measures:

- checking the ownership of hold luggage at check-in and/or at luggage drop-off points
- checking all passengers and their hand luggage
- checking hold luggage
- checking that owners of hold luggage are present on board the aircraft

Air France may implement additional security measures.

The security of passengers and crews is Air France's top priority under all circumstances.