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Update on the mobility incentive proposed to pilots within the framework of Transform 2015 plan

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Within the framework of its Transform 2015 plan, Air France is studying a wide range of measures to avoid the use of forced departures.

Air France confirms having offered pilots a mobility incentive to support the development of its subsidiary Transavia France.
This incentive is included in the proposed agreement for pilots submitted for signature by union organizations on 5 July.

The pilots concerned -  a few dozen - will be seconded to Transavia France for a duration of three years on a volunteer basis, under Transavia France conditions of employment and pay.

The savings generated contribute to the Company's transformation plan and are, to a lesser extent, returned in part to volunteering pilots in the form of this financial incentive, whose amount is directly linked to their level of pay.

This initiative also allows to maintain the skills of flight crews within the Air France Group.

For equity purposes, a similar incentive has been offered to the commercial cabin crew unions, who have refused it.