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Setting the example

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Setting the example

On the strength of commitments made several years ago by Air France and KLM in respect of environmental protection, social equity and local economic development, in 2006 Air France-KLM enshrined its commitments in its Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

The March 2007 adoption of the Air France-KLM Climate Action Plan is a direct operational outcome of this Statement, as was the Social and Ethical Charter signed with the European Works Council in early 2008.

From this common basis for CSR policy, Air France and KLM draw up and oversee common action plans as well as individual action plans that reflect specific local regulatory and cultural conditions. Setting the example for CSR is a priority enshrined in the medium-term strategic vision, and each company has included it in its business plan.

Key steps of commitment:

  • 1996: 1st Air France Environment Report
  • 2001: Air France Social and Ethical Charter
  • 2003: Signature of UN Global Compact
  • 2004: Air France CSR Charter for suppliers
  • 2005: 1st Air France-KLM CSR report
  • 2005: Integration in Dow Jones Sustainability Index  indexes as industry leader
  • 2006: Air France-KLM CSR Statement
  • 2006 : Safety Accident Prevention Charter
  • 2007: CSR, one of the top 4 priorities of strategic plan
  • 2007: Air France-KLM Climate Action Plan
  • 2008: Air France-KLM Social and Ethical Charter
  • 2008: Air France ISO14001 Corporate Environmental Certification


Awards received by Air France-KLM group

- On 27 January 2009, the French Order of Chartered Accountants presented Air France-KLM with its award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008. Each year, the accolade is awarded on the basis of the quality of environmental and social information supplied by the company. According to the judges, the Air France-KLM report demonstrated a genuine Corporate Social Responsibility programme in which stakeholder expectations are comprehensively taken into account as are a wealth of sustainability facts and figures.

- On 29 January 2009, Air France-KLM was awarded the prize for the most communicative annual report by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, the equivalent organization in the Netherlands. The prize aims to promote corporate social responsibility.

- The Global Compact Office introduced the Notable COP program in 2004 to highlight and recognize outstanding Communications on Progress (COP). COPs featured are selected because of their adherence to COP policy and because they represent illustrative and inspirational examples of communicating progress. Air France-KLM was one of the companies which were congratulated. The Notable COP of the Global Compact office in New York qualified the Group’s communication on its progress in 2008 as "remarkable".

- In January 2009, Air France-KLM won the accolade for Best Investor Relations in the CSR sphere, awarded by SFAF, Opinion Way, IR Intelligence and the Forum des Relations Investisseurs.

- Airlines Strategy Award, environment category decerned by Airlines Business in July 2009

- 2009 Marianne d'Or award. Air France is the first company to receive in December 2009 the French Marianne d'Or accolade for Corporate Social Responsibility (French version only)