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Calculate and offset your CO2 emissions

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Air France’s CO2 Calculator calculates the CO2 emissions generated by your trip to all the destinations served by the fleet of Air France, KLM and their subsidiaries. This figure reflects the actual performance of our operations to each destination.

To reduce CO2 emissions, Air France-KLM activate all of the levers under its responsibility:

  • Constant investments to renew our fleet and to offer the world’s most technically advanced aircraft (less fuel consumption so less CO2 emissions)
  • Implementing the most efficient ground and inflight procedures.
  • Reduction of onboard weight (lighter aircraft means less fuel consumption so less CO2 emissions)

Please note: If your flight is operated by another airline, we invite you to consult the calculator of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to find out your CO2 emissions :

To calculate your upstream emissions (generated by the production of fuel and its distribution in France), multiply the result by 0.19.

Carbon emissions Offset

Air France is working with the GoodPlanet Foundation and its Carbon Action Program to offer customers who so wish the possibility of offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by their trip.