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The calculator contains flights operated by Air France, KLM, their subsidiaries and regional partners (HOP!, Air Corsica, KLM CityHopper, France).

The CO2 emissions are directly proportional to the quantity of fuel consumed (3.15 tons of CO2 produced by the combustion of 1 Ton of kerosene).

The calculation is based on the actual operating data recorded on each flight of last year:

•the type(s) of aircraft operated on the route,

•the actual fuel consumption on each route,

•the number of passengers carried on each route,

•the weight of baggage and goods carried on each route.

Both Air France and KLM have the the methodology. For more details: see the detailed methodology and KLM website.

The calculator is regulary updated twice a year in order to take into account changes to our operations.

These figures have been calculated according to the methodology verified by KPMG Audit, department of KPMG SA, in its attestation of the 09th July 2012.