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While Air France-KLM is mobilized around adjusting to a diffi cult economic environment, the Group continues to prioritize investment aimed at strengthening relationships with customers through the high quality and effi ciency of its products and services.

Listening to customers and anticipating to their needs by putting emphasis on personalization, innovation, responsiveness and assistance during travel, are the cornerstones of the Group’s customer-centric strategy and focus of continuous improvement. 

The new ways of maintaining dialogue with customers, particularly through social media, reveal a growing interest in our CSR initiatives. This dialogue has supported the Group’s efforts in recent years and encouraged it to pursue the development of sustainable products and services throughout the customer’s journey. Our challenge is making our actions more visible, successfully involving customers in our CSR approach and to remaining our customers’ carrier of choice.

In order to achieve our customer ambition we are committed to the following:

  • Continually improving the service we provide to our customers;
  • Excelling in operational performance;
  • Developing services to keep in touch with customers and providing 
  • seamless travel from departure to arrival; 
  • Providing assistance in the case of unforeseen events;
  • Developing sustainable products & services all along the journey.