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Informing our customers

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Providing accurate information about flight emissions

Since 2007, Air France–KLM customers can use the calculator provided on the two airlines’ websites to learn about the CO2 emissions of their journey.

The calculator uses real data specific to each airline and based on the payload and the amount of fuel burned. It has been audited by KPMG, which gave the highest level of assurance. The method, published on the two airlines’ websites, has also been endorsed by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

The information can also be used to draw up an annual calculation for key accounts who wish to know how much CO2 their employees generate during their business trips. In 2008 the calculator integrated flights operated by the Group’s regional subsidiaries (BritAir, CityJet, Regional, Airlinair and CCM Airlines) and in 2009 flights operated by France.


►Compensating for CO2 emissions with a ‘carbon neutral’ flight

Since October 2007 Air France offers customers the possibility of offsetting their CO2 emissions via a partnership with Good Planet.

The projects involve the production of “green coal” from agricultural waste in Senegal, and the distribution of biogas reservoirs in China.