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Supporting humanitarian and development programs

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Making Company resources available for development programs

In connection with its core business, the Group has, historically, played an active role in international development. In 2010-11, the total amount of its contributions represented the equivalent of 10.3 million euros in the shape of donated funds, free transport for people and equipment, and awareness-raising campaigns and other initiatives. The Group also seconds staff to provide their skills to a number of non-profit bodies and NGOs.

Air France provides logistics assistance to over 70 non-profit programs mainly involving medical assistance. In 2010-11, Air France donated 715 airline tickets to NGOs and carried 8.5 tons of medical equipment and medicines free of charge.

Two mechanics from Air France Industries provide their technical know-how to the NGO Aviation Sans Frontières, and several Company employees have been seconded to another NGO, Acting for Life. Air France donates free access to its media (advertising in its inflight paper and video magazines and on its social networking sites) to a number of humanitarian non-profit organizations.


Long-term Air France humanitarian foundations, programs and partnerships


Fondation Air France

Created in 1992, the Air France Foundation supports programs helping children and young people who are sick, disabled, or highly vulnerable, in France and countries where Air France operates.


Air France’s commitment to vulnerable children is channeled through its Corporate Foundation, which in 2010 was involved in 100 projects in 36 countries.

One of the key interests of the Air France Foundation ever since its inception has been the situation of street children. In late 2010, the Foundation and Samu Social Senegal, a charity, inaugurated the new Samu Social Senegal center in the capital, Dakar.

Company staff are regularly mobilized to promote programs supported by the Group. The network of Friends of the Air France Foundation, for example, can mobilize over 2,100 staff for a range of volunteer, research and fund-raising initiatives. In 2010, they took part in over 20 volunteer initiatives by donating some of their free time to extra-curricular activities, awareness raising campaigns on the importance of giving blood, and fund-raising activities.

NGO Acting for Life – Groupe Développement

France has been a partner of the NGO Acting for Life – Groupe Développement for over 30 years.

In June 2006, the Group renewed its partnership for a further ten years to provide long term support for development programs, and notably micro-finance programs for the most disadvantaged.

In 2010, Acting for Life supported a total of 67 projects in Africa, South Asia and Latin America in the areas of child protection, economic development and eco-tourism. Air France is continuing its commitment for the protection of child victims of people trafficking, sex tourism and sexual and commercial exploitation through its support for the charity ECPAT, notably by financing and screening an awareness-raising campaign aboard its aircraft.

Aviation Sans Frontières

Air France has been supporting Aviation sans Frontières (ASF), founded by a group of Air France pilots, for over 30 years, donating airline tickets for technicians and pilots on assignment, and flying sick children and their helpers to and from FranceMost of the charity’s 345 volunteers work or have worked for Air France.

Air France also finances the lion’s share of the budget required to maintain and operate ASF’s aircraft as they carry out assignments for a range of NGOs. In late 2010, ASF operated its 15,000th flight carrying sick children in need of care.

Medical associations

Air France provides logistics assistance for medical associations. It works, for example, with INSERM, the French national health and medical research institute, on a humanitarian initiative on behalf of children suffering from rare diseases. Air France provides free air travel for consultations and for treatment in specialized centers, often far away from where the patients live. INSERM, for its part, provides the skills to analyze patient files. In five years, 237 patients (80% of the total submitting requests for assistance) have been accepted, most of them concerning people under 20, which corresponds to the objectives of the two partners. 

Backing programs worldwide

Large numbers of projects receive Air France backing all over the world at the initiative of local entities and their staff, and thanks to their personal dedication.