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Rating agencies

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Extra-financial rating agencies rate businesses on the basis of social, environmental, economic and corporate governance criteria. Using these criteria, they determine the company’s “level of responsibility” relative to these issues. The main audience of the rating agencies comprises investors and fund managers who build socially responsible investment funds (SRIs) on the basis of their findings.

Since the Group was founded in 2004, Air France-KLM has joined all the extra-financial stock market indexes and occupies the sector leadership position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Index , DJSI World and STOXX indexes, and also in the Aspi Eurozone, Ethibel Sustainabilty Index (ESI) Europe and FTSE4Good Index Series.

Air France-KLM is also listed in the “Ethibel Pioneer” and “Ethibel Excellence” investment registers.

Air France is part of the 2009 CDLI (Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index), which recognizes the top 20 French corporations in the SBF120 index for the transparency of their communication on their climate impacts.