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Stakeholder feedback helps to shape the Group’s CSR strategy. This means listening long-term to the expectations of customers, employees, people living close to airports, experts, associations, local authorities, civil society representatives such as NGOs.

Engaging with various stakeholder groups helps to track societal developments and expectations, dilemmas for Air France-KLM and possible CSR innovations.

There are several avenues for dialogue, from company initiatives such as the open day for stakeholders in Group maintenance (with Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance) at the Bourget fair in 2009, to working under competent authorities, such as Environmental Consultative Committees held in the 10 main French airports.

Air France has joined consultations with the Dermagne Commission for the controlled development of Roissy-CDG, as well as the Grenelle Commitments Convention with quantifiable targets for reducing noise and CO2 emissions in France. Air France also plays a role in various associations around Roissy-CDG, including ‘Pays de Roissy’. This was founded to promote a regional movement for social and economic development in a 15 km radius around the airport.

The Group also enables stakeholders to comment on CSR policy and its development in their own publications. Meanwhile a newsletter named ‘Le Courrier, Air France partenaire de l’Ile de France’ offers a regular forum for interested parties.

Other applications are used in Group commitments with stakeholders, from online media to newsletters to organizing meetings, visits, conferences, roundtables and so on.

Concrete examples are mentioned at the end of each of the five key CSR issues defined by Air France-KLM: climate change, environmental impacts, customers, human resources and local development.

These examples are complemented by an interview with a relevant stakeholder. The stakeholders we interviewed last year expressed also this year their view in order that Air France and KLM can test the relevance of the key issues.