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The balanced network of AIR FRANCE

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Air France has a well-balanced, independent network that provides natural cover against risks. In addition each market reacts differently to an economic or international situation. Consequently Air France can modify its flight schedule at any time depending on circumstances.

Air France and KLM’s Dual Network

Each airline, whether Air France or KLM, has a stronger presence in certain parts of the world.  

Air France, for instance, is better represented in Southern Europe than KLM. KLM, on the other hand has more flights to East Africa while Air France is stronger in West Africa.

Consequently there are numerous  ‘sole’ destinations, i.e. destinations operated by either one airline or the other.

Air France and KLM have, of course, designed simple tools to allow passengers to make the most of this dual network, notably with :

  • the hubway, a system of 12 daily flights distributed regularly throughout the day linking Paris and Amsterdam, and connecting Air France and KLM networks.
  • Links between French provincial destinations and  Amsterdam.
  • Fare combinability, an innovative concept allowing passengers to build their own trip to destinations operated by both airlines, combining a flight leg on KLM through Amsterdam with a flight leg on Air France though Paris. In this way passengers may benefit from connecting flights via one or the other hubs either on the outbound or inbound flight and make use of most suitable flight times (thanks to a better offer in terms of frequencies) and the most attractive fares (based on the addition of two half return trips).
  • Flying Blue, the joint frequent flyer program by Air France and KLM, the leading European programme with 21 million members.


Interactive network map

The hub

Flying Blue