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The highest levels of safety

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Meeting the highest standards

The basis of the contract between airlines and their customers, safety is a priority for any company and, as such, is subject to extensive controls and certifications. Air France fully satisfies the highest air transport standards: worldwide, with IATA (International Air Transport Association), European with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and national with the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority, its supervisory body).

The highest level of safety culture

Well beyond European, French and international standards, Air France places flight safety at the heart of its corporate culture and continuously reaffirms safety as absolutely essential. This corporate culture is carried to the highest level of the company, through the personal commitment of each member of the Executive Committee. A Flight Safety Committee has also been set up within the Board of Directors to discuss these issues.

A process of continuous progress on a daily basis

Air France’s safety management system relies on an organized, coherent and structured approach. It is the result of a commitment from all company staff: on board, of course, with pilots and flight attendants, but also on the ground in hangars and maintenance facilities, in cargo terminals, at every airport and on the ramp.

Beyond the necessary compliance with rules and procedures, Air France's flight safety approach aims to create real momentum for sustainable progress, both individually and collectively, to bring safety to the highest possible level. It is based on daily commitment, through key principles, such as transparency and individual responsibility.

Among other initiatives, in 2014 the Company published a White Paper on flight safety, an in-house document that details this process and the thinking behind it so that everyone in the company feels committed to flight safety.


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