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HOP! Air France serves 130 destinations in France and the rest of Europe.
The business is adapting to all mobility needs to facilitate travel in France and to near-by European countries thanks to simple, rapid and comfortable journeys. With regular frequencies and convenient flight times, HOP! Air France can meet the needs of both leisure and business customers.


The Air France Group has embarked on a commercial offensive in the short-haul market. Competition here is intense with rail, and now coach travel and car-pooling. A dense network covering the French territory, a strong commercial presence in this market and a now more- streamlined, responsive organization should enable the regrouped HOP! Air France entity to affirm itself as the reference in the French domestic network which is the largest in Europe.


The company has unveiled a new offering, with one-way flights at fares starting from
 €49 including taxes. Three principles inform the company’s pricing strategy: attractive fares which vary depending on the required level
of flexibility, paid-for option-based services
to compose an à la carte trip and even more competitive prices during certain periods
of the year.


Since March 29, 2015, HOP! Air France has regrouped, under a single banner and sole, coherent commercial proposition, the entire network of flights on departure from Paris-Orly and the French regions, the transverse services and the flights to near-by European destinations(1). The combination of the two brands also enables the Group to capitalize on their individual strengths and specificities. HOP! Is the main brand for customers, symbolizing the values of proximity, simplicity and accessibility. It is backed by the Air France brand and all that implies in terms of reassurance, confidence and a guarantee of quality. HOP! Air France thus plans to facility customer mobility over short distances.

(1) Excluding flights to and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle on departure from or bound for elsewhere in Europe.