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Air France Consulting

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Air France Consulting, a subsidiary of Air France, has been supplying consulting, training and reengineering services to companies in the air transport industry for over fifteen years.  Air France Consulting calls on more than 200 international experts from the Air France Group and SkyTeam Alliance, whose expertise is recognized by the industry.

Working independently with a flexible approach, Air France Consulting covers all the key domains of the air transport industry (operations, finance, commercial, maintenance).

It can propose a diagnostic, set up processes driven by change management techniques or tailored training programmes, or even implement optimized process recommendations.

Air France Consulting proposes tailored advice and solutions in the following areas:

- Safety and security of flight operations (EASA Part 145, Part M, Part 21, Part 147, IOSA, EU OPS, FCL, SMS, ETOPS, ISAGO Assistance, ATO and Operations organization);
- Drivers to reduce costs and increase revenue (Business Plan, Cost control, Network and fleet, Revenue Management-Pricing, Fuel optimization programme, Procurement process,  Customer relationship management, e-business, etc.)
- Fleet and Asset management (assistance with specification, acquisition, lease and sales). Fleet repair and overhaul activities management (MCC, line maintenance, operational regulatory support, maintenance IT support);
- Human Resources and Risks Prevention Optimization (Human factors, Crew management, Staff posting, Emergency response plan).

Air France Consulting
Bâtiment Uranus
3, place de Londres
BP 12727 Tremblay en France
95727 Roissy Cedex
Tel (+33) 01 74 25 41 62 / Fax (+33) 01 74 25 41 92


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