© Air France

© Air France

Since 1992, the Air France Foundation has been financing non-profit projects for the most vulnerable young people, with a long-term approach. Whether they are in a precarious situation, ill or disabled, all children have the right to a better future. With three decades of experience and achievements working for youth, the Foundation is committed to: 

  • Education, inclusion and social & professional insertion 
  • Deepening environmental awareness 
  • Humanitarian support program 


The Air France Foundation supports associations whose professionalism, experience and expertise make a difference for thousands of children and young people.   

The actions carried out can be dedicated to the education and support of children – whether they be orphans, homeless, school dropouts, disabled, or sick – by improving their care and learning conditions when in the hospital. 

The areas in which the Foundation intervene aim to offer children and young people the chance for a better future by opening new possibilities. The goal is to improve their living conditions and give them access to athletic, artistic and cultural activities from which they may otherwise be far removed. For 30 years, the Air France Foundation has been helping to change the future of these children and young people. 

The Foundation also supports projects working on the social and/or professional integration (and reintegration) of at-risk young people. It supports initiatives aimed at strengthening young people’s autonomy by offering them access to vocational and skills training in order to become full-fledged citizens of tomorrow. The Foundation also works alongside associations fighting against the digital divide. The objective is to support structures that provide access to quality training to lead young people to a first job and sustainable professional integration.  

By participating in this necessary dynamic for inclusion in the workforce, we are acting so that these young people find hope and see a long-term professional future for themselves. 


The Foundation supports associations whose objective is to make children and young people aware of climate-related issues.  

Through educational contributions, teaching about the future of the planet, the implementation of concrete actions and training in sustainable practices that respect natural resources, the Foundation focuses on two essential levers: the fight against global warming and the preservation of biodiversity. Through exposure to sustainable practices, the Foundation also contributes to the fight against the exodus of rural populations, thus helping to limit the phenomenon of children living on the streets in the world's major cities


 Air France is putting its expertise as an airline to work for 16 NGOs that take care of children and young people with medical needs. 

 Through its humanitarian support program, the Air France Foundation provides transportation for sick children to health centers in France and Europe. The Foundation also transports medicals teams and equipment to areas in need.  

 The Air France Foundation can also respond during natural disasters by providing support to NGOs specialized in humanitarian emergencies. 


The Air France Foundation is made up of 5,000 employee volunteers who form a formidable network to relay, support and sustain its actions. 

Air France employees subscribe to the Air France Foundation to join the network, receive news and volunteer at events.  

Employees can take part in all donation-driven initiatives to improve the lives of children and young people in need and who are cared for by the Foundation's partner associations. 

Air France employees can also get involved in other types of volunteer work and, for example, take on the role of promoting the Foundation's various commitments.  

The Air France Foundation belongs to all the company's employees. Each and every member of our team can, in their own way, help bring the Foundation’s work to life and spread the word to benefit the children and young people it supports.