The Art of Travel, à la Française

The Art of Travel, à la Française

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Fly in style

Air France aims to offer the best of France to its customers at every step of their journey, taking elegance to new heights. With ever more comfortable travel cabins, French gastronomy prepared by outstanding chefs, created airport lounges crafted by world-renowned designers and architects, uniforms by exceptional couturiers, and complimentary champagne in all cabins, Air France has been sharing French excellence with the world since 1933. 

Bespoke service

Every day, 38,000 employees work on the ground and in the air to bring each customer a unique travel experience. The men and women of Air France draw on their expertise and know-how to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for each passenger. Through their professionalism and commitment, Air France teams make the trip a memorable, pleasurable moment  and respond to individual needs, paying close attention to every requirement and offering French-style service marked by elegance and authenticity.