Recent graduates


Are you a recent graduate?  

Join Air France’s NEXT GEN programme and be part of an international group!  

Our vision  

In line with our policy of inclusion, diversification of talent and equal opportunities, we offer recent graduates from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to join a rich and ambitious programme that will enable them to build their career at Air France.  

Because everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and skills, the NEXT GEN programme values performance and adapts to individual expectations.  

Air France aims to offer a wide range of possibilities, to welcome a variety of backgrounds and talents, and to give everyone the opportunity to develop according to their ambitions, skills and appetite for challenge.  

NEXT GEN Programme  

You are a recent graduate with under three years of job experience: NEXT GEN offers you a dive into the world of air travel and allows you to better understand the challenges of Air France.  


Benefits of the NEXT GEN programme in the first four years:  

  • Onboarding training to welcome you to the company  
  • The NEXT GEN community made up of a network across all the group’s entities  
  • Flexible access to a wide range of training and learning opportunities via dedicated digital modules  
  • Immersion in the field, in direct contact with our customers  
  • Site visits: Operations Control Centre, G1XL Cargo Station, Revenue Management and Pricing, Hub, etc.  
  • A chance to meet company executives  
  • An end-of-programme event  

Regardless of your department, NEXT GEN also offers you the possibility to change jobs or roles within four years. You will develop your experience and skills, progress towards other apprenticeships, broaden the scope of your responsibilities by managing a project or a team… The possibilities are varied and in line with the career path you want to build.