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This policy explains how we make use of cookies when you visit the website (hereinafter together referred to as ‘our site’).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are downloaded to your device by the website or app you are visiting or using. On your next visit, cookies ensure that your device is recognized. By using cookies and similar technologies, such as pixel tags/beacons and scripts (hereafter together referred to as 'cookies'), websites and apps can save information about visits and visitors. This information may include your IP address, as well as the device, browser, and operating system you are using, and your click behavior, such as the specific pages you visit and how you navigate the website or app. Session cookies stay in place for the duration of your browser or app session, while persistent cookies remain on your device for a pre-defined period. We place some of the cookies ourselves, while other cookies are placed by third parties. Third-party cookies may collect data outside our site as well.

What types of cookies do we use?

When you visit our site, we always use essential cookies for the purposes described below. With your consent, we also use cookies for statistical purposes. When we collect personal data about you through cookies, we process them for the purposes stated in Air France's privacy policy.

Read the Air France privacy policy

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary to display and use our website without any issues. We also use these cookies to save your language preferences and settings (of cookies). The information collected through these cookies is not used for commercial purposes. Essential cookies may be placed on your device without your consent. If you block this type of cookies, our site may not function properly, and you may not be able to use all of its features.

Statistical Cookies

Statistical cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, including data about the most viewed pages, the time users spend on those pages, or any errors they may encounter. We use these cookies to conduct surveys among users and gather visitor feedback about our website in general or specific elements of our site. This information helps us better understand which parts of our site interest our visitors and identify ways to improve the quality of our site. We also use statistical cookies to test new features and different variations and designs of our site. The statistical cookies we use are implemented with respect to privacy, minimizing the amount of data we collect about individual visitors.

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Adjusting cookie settings and deleting cookies

You can change your cookie preferences for marketing cookies or withdraw your consent at any time by opening the ‘Cookie settings’ at the bottom of all pages on our website or via the settings menu in the app. If you have previously given us your consent but would like to remove the cookies that we have placed, you can do this by deleting these cookies via your browser or the settings on your device. You may also adjust your browser or device settings to prevent websites from setting cookies or third-party cookies altogether. If you do this some functions of our site may not be available or not function properly. Find out how to adjust the settings for different browsers:

To find information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer's website.

About this policy

If this cookie policy or the cookies placed change, we will adjust the policy and the list of cookies placed. We will inform you about substantial changes.


This cookie policy was updated on May 25, 2023.