The company fully embraces its role as a learning company by offering apprenticeship and vocational contracts to young people preparing for diplomas at all levels to help them obtain a professional qualification and thus contribute to their future entry into the workforce.  

Air France offers apprenticeship contracts as preparation for a professional qualification and thereby contributes to future entry into the workforce.   

Active in a wide variety of sectors, every year Air France hosts many students on work-study programmes, catering to a range of different learning paces and contract lengths.  

Depending on your training programme, you could for example gain work experience as an aircraft mechanic,ground handler, sales advisor, flight attendant or within one of our cross-functional support activities such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT, etc.   

Each year, Air France is proud to support and accompany its trainees through specific initiatives for its work-study students. Throughout their course, the company offers them a rich and diversified programme (soft skills workshops, themed coffee breaks, etc.). It also proposes to build competences:  

  • For example via the Altern’up competition, which highlights the entrepreneurial skills of work-study students. This inter-company competition allows young people to develop their creativity, while being mentored by major corporations!  


  • Or through En’vol, a daylong event for work-study students and support functions at the end of their contract to educate them about possible career opportunities at the end of their work-study period, whether or not they are recruited by Air France at the end of their contract. A real boost for job prospects! 


We take a keen interest in ensuring you have a rich career. An internship is your opportunity to showcase your flair for teamwork and to make the most of your knowledge. This is your chance to discover interesting assignments with daily challenges and many responsibilities.   

Because they are an important step in an educational programme and allow you, as a student, to discover what it is like to work for an airline, every year Air France provides internships lasting from 4 to 6 months (business school, engineering or university students).

These internships must be defined under an agreement drawn up between your educational establishment, Air France and you.  

IVB (international volunteers in business)

The International Volunteers in Business (IVB) initiative provides a unique and rewarding international experience by joining one of our delegations abroad.  


The IVB is a major springboard for young graduates who are looking for an international experience and want to begin their career outside France.  

You will have the opportunity to take a 12- to 24-month position with a strong sales, marketing or industrial focus and contribute to our group’s overall performance.  

For more information about the IVB, click here