Support and cross-business functions

Support and cross-business functions

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Working at Air France does not just involve air and ground operational roles: there is also a whole range of support professions, either cross-discipline or within the different departments (Business Units), which play a key role in the company’s operations. Air France’s support functions are essential to its success, helping to improve performance and transform the Group. 

The support professions include the Economy and Finance Department: 

The Economy and Finance Department offers varied and exciting career paths in value-adding professions: management control in all Air France departments, as well as in accounting, internal audit, cash management, finance and projects. 


Business Lawyer, Employment Law and Litigation Lawyer, Alliances Lawyer. As an employment law specialist, your role is to contribute to the airline's legal certainty.

Your role may involve consulting or litigation activities:

When providing consulting, you will be ensuring the legal certainty of the Human Resources field to which you are assigned.

When working on litigation activities, you will be involved in managing the airline's labour litigation (industrial tribunal, union, criminal). Within the Labour Litigation Department, you will use your expertise to define and implement, in liaison with Air France lawyers, a legal position and a judicial strategy in keeping with the airline's interests. Your considerations will include an analysis of the business and labour consequences of your decisions.

This role is performed within the Labour Litigation Department if you are on a work-study contract.



Internal Audit is an independent and objective activity that provides assurance to the company on the degree of control of its operations, provides advice on how to improve them and contributes to value creation.

Internal Audit helps the company to achieve its objectives by systematically and methodically assessing risk management, control and corporate governance processes and by making proposals to boost their effectiveness.

Internal Audit carries out around 50 assignments a year covering all of the company's businesses according to an annual plan.

Almost half of these assignments deal with Group matters and are carried out jointly with KLM's internal auditors. 

You will recommend the negotiation strategy and define the conditions for the purchase of goods and services for your project (benchmark, technology watch).

You will oversee and run your project in liaison with specifiers, users and suppliers. You will coordinate and question the instructions if necessary.

On behalf the group, you will purchase goods or services in keeping with the scope statement at the best overall cost, while minimising risks (financial and legal).

You will be responsible for drawing up purchasing contracts linked to your project and implementing these contracts.



As true business partners, management controllers cobuild strategy and business activity, calling them into question, clarifying choices and ensuring that economic aspects are properly taken into account in decision-making. Responsible for the management loop of their scope (budget, forecasts, medium-term plans), management controllers ensure implementation and steering. The Economy and Finance Division offers varied and exciting career paths in value-adding professions: management control in all Air France divisions, as well as in accounting, internal audit, cash management, finance and projects.



Working in the Trading Room and the Finance and Treasury Department of the Financial Affairs Division, the Front Office Treasury Operator contributes to determining the hedging programme and operates on the markets to implement this strategy in accordance with the decisions of the AFKL Group Risk Management Committee. On a day-to-day basis, he or she also manages AF's and AFKL's available cash.
Because assets under management and the financial stakes involved in risk management are substantial, this job position requires personal investment and rigour in the constantly changing financial market environment.



A key player at the Air France Selection and Recruitment Department, the Business Partner is the main contact for the employment managers of the business and support departments as well as for operational managers. Business Partners constantly strive to improve the efficiency and agility of the organisation of recruitment and internal selection campaigns.
They make sure that the HR policy is respected with their internal contacts and ordering parties and contribute to the assessment of applicants where necessary. With a sound knowledge of business issues and priorities, Business Partners are responsible for all key stages of the recruitment/internal selection process. Devising ideas and proposals, they seek at all times to ensure the satisfaction of internal customers and enhanced performance.



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