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Air France and Transavia pilots carry out their mission with the highest level of flight safety, technical expertise, constant concern for customer satisfaction and eco-responsible flying. Being a pilot at Air France or Transavia is a strong commitment that requires demanding expertise and interpersonal skills.      
You will start your career as a pilot at Air France or Transavia as an First Officer on medium-haul aircraft, then move on to long-haul aircraft, before becoming a Captain. By developing your expertise every day on one of the most comprehensive air networks in the world, you can then use your skills at the company as a flight instructor or in management positions in the Air Operations Department. 
If you have a passion for aviation, the enthusiasm to work as an airline pilot, and you want to join a company where men and women are proud to work together, then come and join us!

Several conditions must be met when applying:

- Be the holder of the ATPL or a valid CPL/IRME.

- Be the holder of the ATPL Theory issued by an ATO certified by a Member State of the European Union.

- Have a valid "Class 1" medical certificate.

- Nationality conditions, which you can view by clicking here

-Be fluent in French.​

To be eligible for invitation to a selection day, you must:

- Hold a certificate of satisfactory attendance for a multi-crew cooperation training course (MCC)

- Hold a UPRT training certificate (for candidates who do not hold a CS25 TQ)

- Provide proof that you are at Level 5 or above on the language proficiency system: valid FCL 055 / 055D.

- Have a TOEIC Test score (LR = Listening and reading) of 850 or above, no older than 2 years at the time of selection.

"Create your candidate page” by clicking here 

The selection tests will be held as follows:

- Psycho-technical tests. According to the results obtained and/or your profile, you will be called for the following tests 

  • Personality inventories
  • Group tests and interview
  • Flight simulator test


Applicants must fulfil the following criteria:
hold an ATPL or a valid CPL/IRME;
hold a diploma in ATPL theory issued by an ATO certified by an EU Member State;
Have a valid "Class 1" medical certificate.
Find out about nationality Find out about nationality criteria here
fluent French.
To be eligible for invitation to a selection day, you must:
have successfully completed a multi-crew cooperation training course (MCC)
hold a UPRT certificate (for candidates not holding a CS25 TQ)
have achieved a level of 5 or over on the language proficiency scale: valid FCL 055 / 055D;
have a TOEIC score (Listening and Reading) of 850 or higher obtained in the last two years.

The conditions for Cadet Pilot applications are as follows:

No age limit

National of a member country of the European Economic Area or a Swiss national and fluent in the French language 

Not to have been rejected and/or eliminated twice in an "Air France Pilot" selection, whatever the sector

Not to have been eliminated in an Air France or Transavia pilot training course

Meet one of the following conditions:

Have a baccalaureate and hold a valid ATPL theory diploma issued by an approved school in an EU member state,

Or be in the second year (first year successfully completed) of a preparatory class for the grandes écoles, all subjects except for Literature (A/L), and also including integrated preparatory classes (for example for engineering schools) 

Or have completed a course of study in a scientific field leading to a BAC+2 or a minimum of 120 ECTS credits,

Or be in a Master's programme (BAC+4/+5) at a university or school (or a graduate),

Have a minimum TOEIC score (Listening and Reading, Public or Institutional Programme) of 850 within the last 2 years. TOEIC mandatory, no equivalence accepted. You can update your TOEIC in your applicant area

Have Class 2 medical fitness with no exemptions issued by an EASA/DGAC approved doctor (more restrictive medical visits accepted): Class 1, Class 3 and PNC medical check-up)
A registration fee of €160 will be charged when you register (French government scholarship holders exempted).
If successful in the Air France Cadet selection:


A Class 1 medical examination will be required prior to entry into the school.

You will be notified of a start date for the course.

For the Cadet selection, deferral is pronounced according to the following rules:

3 failures at Pre-selection level equal a deferral and the inability to compete again at Cadet level.

2 failures at PSY 1 level (psycho-technical and psycho-motor tests) equal a deferral and the inability to compete again at Cadet level.

1 deferral after PSY 2 (interviews) gives the candidate the opportunity to reapply as a cadet after 2 years or via the Professional Pilot stream)


If you have little or no experience as a pilot but are highly motivated, the Cadet Pilot programme is for you! 

Air France recruits and trains airline pilots. 

To be notified of the next Cadet Pilot selection, you can create a job alert in your Candidate Area.  

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