March 14, 2023

Air France, n°1 for customer relations in the transport category

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On 14 March 2023, Air France was awarded first prize at the Customer Relations Awards® 2023 in the Transport category for the 8th year running. Organized by BearingPoint and Kantar, this ranking* truly reflects the voice of French customers.

Since 2003, the Customer Relations Awards® has been rewarding major company brands who provide an outstanding service to customers on a daily basis. 11 sectors of activity – including transport – are evaluated on common performance criteria. For each company, the surveyed customers are invited to give their opinion on 15 criteria that structure customer relations. These criteria are examined from 3 angles – quality of execution, capacity for creating a bond and for creating a positive emotion.

Air France continues to make a difference and stand out, mainly from the emotional and bonding point of view. Like last year, 89% of customers consider that staff take pleasure in serving customers, more than 13 points higher than the average score in the Transport category. 88% of customers also said their travel experience met or exceeded their expectations, 11 points above the industry sector average.

 “In 2022, we rolled out an inhouse campaign entitled "Our caring attitude is our signature" for our 21,000 frontline staff – pilots, flight attendants, passenger service agents and call centre staff. With the Covid pandemic behind us, it was essential to reposition our caring attitude as a strategic asset of our Air France brand. We also set up co-creation workshops with staff aimed at identifying and sharing best practices. This award recognizes the attention that Air France teams pay to our customers on a daily basis, and I wish to congratulate them on this great achievement.” stated Fabien Pelous, SVP Customer Experience, Air France.  


*Survey conducted by BearingPoint and Kantar in December 2022 among customers and users of companies/administrations, based on a sample of 4,000 people.

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