May 10, 2022

Air France presents its new brand video

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Tour eiffel allumée au dessus des nuages


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As part of its move upmarket, Air France is today unveiling a new brand video embodying its ambition to offer its customers the best of France and take elegance to new heights.

This video tells the story of an ascent, that of a bubbly, strong-willed woman, an elegant allegory to the airline. Wearing a red dress with an interminable train, she slowly climbs the Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of France the world over.

We see the heroine ascending the metal structure, dashing up its many staircases with grace and ease. A consecutive sequence of scenes, each in turn symbolizing the company’s many special qualities, evoke the airline’s universal art of hospitality, offer of French haute cuisine on board its flights and the special attention given to its younger travellers throughout the trip.

At the top of the tower, she crosses an imaginary and enchanting sea of clouds, evoking the special timeless moment that can only be experienced on board a plane. Her long train then ascends above the illuminated tower before metamorphosing into the red accent, the company’s brand symbol embodying its excellence and expertise.

Elegance is a journey. Air France.

The video ends by revealing the company’s new advertising signature – “Elegance is a journey. Air France.” This signature embodies the values of Air France, its style, as well as its attention to others and to the planet.

The featured music is inspired by the iconic song “The windmills of your mind” by Michel Legrand, performed by French singer-songwriter Juliette Armanet. More than a simple cover version, this new version has been reorchestrated for Air France. This gentle and powerful song embodies French elegance with emotion.

A hymn to elegance

With this new brand video, the company once again breaks free from the codes traditionally used in the airline industry. The video evokes the French art de vivre that its customers around the world can enjoy day after day.

A certain “je ne sais quoi” that the world associates with France is illustrated in Air France’s expertise and art of travel. These precious values take elegance and refinement to new heights. With menus created by renowned French chefs, lounges imagined by world-renowned designers and architects, uniforms created by exceptional couturiers, and complimentary Champagne in all the cabins, Air France is raising the profile of French-style excellence around the world. For the airline, in addition to the expertise it offers, it also constantly strives to provide its customers with the most environmentally responsible travel experience possible.

Created by Aura by Omnicom, this video will be shown on TV and cinema screens and online from 11 May 2022 on 5 of Air France’s strategic international markets – USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy and Germany. In France, the video will be broadcast in a fully digital format. The campaign also features video clips promoting Paris as a destination, the company’s commitments to more responsible air travel, French fine dining, its Skytrax* awards, its Flying Blue frequent flyer programme and its La Première service.

Air France wishes to thank the Eiffel Tower Operating Company for its hospitality and the Paris Region Tourist Board for its support.

*Skytrax, international air transport rating agency.

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Media relations