Reduce our indirect CO₂ emissions

Reduce our indirect CO₂ emissions

© Air France

© Air France


Beyond the emissions directly linked to our activities, we have a responsibility for the emissions of our entire value chain. These emissions, known as indirect emissions, are linked to the purchase of raw materials, services, or the transportation of our customers to the airport. 
We are working with our entire ecosystem - our customers, suppliers and partners - to reduce these emissions. In particular, we are accelerating our efforts in two main areas: the development of alternative transport and more responsible catering. 


Favouring low-carbon alternatives on shorter journeys, and more energy-efficient flights on longer journeys, helps to minimise the overall carbon footprint of your trip.


A more environmentally friendly catering offer, guaranteeing the choice and the origin of the food, ensures a fairer consumption.


Trains and planes meet different needs, and each mode of transport has its place. The role of the plane is to open up regions across the world and bring people together, as well as contribute to developing French and European interests. It has the advantage of being easily implemented and adaptable to changing demand. Connecting the two modes of transport whenever possible is the natural and obvious thing to do. It helps to provide a denser territorial coverage and meet the needs of customers who do not live near our airports. Therefore, we encourage the transition from car + plane to train + plane whenever possible. When conditions permit and the infrastructure is in place, we also support the transition from plane + plane to train + plane. This is in line with our customers' growing desire for sensible, low-carbon travel, which we aim to meet. 

To avoid food waste, when certain foods can no longer be loaded on board, they are donated to charities. Air France collaborates in particular with the Restos du Coeur and the Food Bank. In summer 2021, 9,000 meal boxes that could no longer be given to our customers and more than 950,000 basic food items (sweet and savoury biscuits, beverages, fruit juice, etc.) were offered to the Restos du Coeur by ground staff at Paris-CDG. Donations for the Food Bank are also regularly made, with more than 3.8 million items donated in 2020 (sweets and savoury foods, beverages, etc.). 

To avoid the destruction of products and encourage their reuse, in January 2017, Air France signed a framework agreement with the Agence du Don en Nature (ADN), which collects and redistributes new non-food everyday products in order to fight exclusion in France. In 2019, when the Air France cabin interiors were upgraded, more than 25,000 Business blankets were donated to ADN. In 2020, 13,000 toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and 840 Business comfort kits were donated to Restos du Coeur and the hospitals.